understanding the big picture

All of the Elementary lessons fit into Great Stories told about the history of the universe. Each part of what a student learns - whether it is math, earth science, or physics - fits like a puzzle piece into a big picture understanding of the world. 

social emotional learning

Developing empathy and the ability to cooperate with others takes time and the support of compassionate adults. Our teachers give students the tools to problem solve and develop healthy emotions.

nature scientists

Students spend several mornings a week in nearby Humboldt Park learning directly from the acres of nature we have access to. They learn from their personal observations of animals, waterways, plants, and weather.

project-based work

Each day, students choose to dive into study topics they are most interested in and develop their own projects - everything from building models to writing books - in order to display their knowledge. Through the teacher’s assistance, they develop the tools to research and learn independently.

real life learning

Not only do Elementary students help caring for their classroom as they learned to do in Primary, but they also use their academic skills out in the wider world. Elementary students, with the support of a teacher, make the phone calls, calculations, and plans to organize their own field trips.

outdoor play

All children need large blocks of time for running, climbing, and simply being kids. Our natural play yard provides a retreat in the city for lots of joyful fun.


September - June

First, Second, and Third grades for children ages 6-9