Our mission at Humboldt Park Montessori is to grow creative and innovative children, united families, and a stronger neighborhood.


Primary Classroom, Ages 3-6

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Our Primary classroom serves children ages 3 to 6 (on or before September 1st). Children are free to choose their own work such as open-ended art, preparing snacks, building words, scrubbing, creating maps, and much more.

Elementary Classroom, Ages 6-9


Our Elementary classroom serves children ages 6 to 9 (first through third grades). The children gain academic knowledge through hands-on materials, receive vibrant one-on-one or small group lessons, and create their own research projects based on personal interests.


The teachers at Humboldt Park Montessori truly know my child and have helped him engage in what he is learning in ways that we never could have imagined. We are so thankful for the community he is a part of.— HPM Parent