September - June preschool and kindergarten for children ages 3-6

Requirements for Enrollment

All children enrolling at Humboldt Park Montessori must be potty-trained or nearly potty-trained. Children must also be up-to date on their vaccinations.

We would be happy to talk with you more if your child has special needs regarding toileting or vaccinations.

Uninterrupted Work

Each morning the Primary children create artwork, build and construct, learn about other countries, work one-on-one with a teacher to develop academic skills, and help to care for their classroom. 

Making Snacks

The children often help to prepare their morning snack by peeling edamame, slicing apples or cucumbers, spreading hummus or jelly, making orange juice, and cutting bananas. 

Outdoor Play in All Kinds of Weather

Childhood means splashing in puddles, climbing high, digging in the mud and getting a face-to-face experience of all that our natural world has to offer. 

Community Lunch

Lunches are not provided by HPM, but the children eat their lunch together with their teachers and learn the art of kind conversation and sharing a meal together. 

Quiet Afternoons

Afternoons are a time for naps (children ages 3 and 4) and quiet reading aloud (children over age 4). The older children spend more individual time with the teacher digging in deeper to academic skills like reading and math.

More Outdoor Play

We believe in the power of outdoor play so much that we do it twice a day - for nearly two hours! Research proves that all this time in nature really does grow young brains and keep bodies healthy. 

“Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to ‘make them learn things’ but by the endeavor to always keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence.” — Maria Montessori